Watch the documentary through the lens of an environmental restoration specialis
Watch the documentary through the lens of an environmental restoration specialist and/or advocate. There are at least two sides to every story and agenda - even within the conversation of sustainable ecosystems. Some things to consider while watching the movie are; is it easy or difficult for you to decide which side you might stand with, do you feel empathy toward the industry/community practices that contributed to the degradation of this particular ecosystem, does it appear that everyone has good intentions, was it obvious that this imbalance could have been predicted/prevented, what other ideas might you have to support a plan to move forward that values the health of all stakeholders (is that even possible?), what are the social, financial and ecological impacts, are there conflicting needs to consider? So much to think about! Write a 2-3 page analysis. The content of your paper must include: a brief description of the issues an overview identifying the stakeholders involved the ecological problem and common goals of the stakeholders a compare and contrast of the social, ecological, and financial systems this ecosystem supports and affects your ideas for a plan to re-establish a self-sustaining ecosystem (will there will a loosing group in your plan and how do your value/prioritize these groups) MOVIE LINK

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