To search for a state public pension plan’s annual report, visit the web page Pe
To search for a state public pension plan’s annual report, visit the web page Pension Plan Data (Links to an external site.). Search by state to find the name of a state’s public pension plan. <- link to the public pension plan of my choice Once you have chosen a state and a plan, click on that plan. See the title PLAN DATA: _______ (name of plan) on the first page. See left navigation Menu Items: Plan Basics; Assets, Benefits, and Participants; Costs; Actuarial Funding; Investments; and Cash Flow. Click on the link to cash flow. Below the cash flow charts, there is a section 20XX Financial Report, which contains a link to the latest annual financial report. Click on the link for the annual financial report. It may take several minutes to load the plan document. Download the document as a .pdf and easily review the .pdf. In your post about your chosen public state pension plan, include the following: Identify the amount of assets held by the plan, the amount of liabilities of the plan, and the percent funded of the plan. Identify the amount and percentage of assets invested in fixed income securities and mortgage-backed securities. Identify the categories and weights of fixed income securities in the portfolio. Identify the weights in the fixed income security portfolio according to bond ratings. Identify the duration of the fixed income portfolio. Describe the investment strategy for fixed income securities identified by the pension plan. Describe the benchmark used by the pension fund for the fixed income securities, and how the pension fund has performed against this benchmark. Suggest one change to the fixed income portfolio to enhance the portfolio’s returns, within the guidelines of the stated fixed income portfolio strategy. 300 words min Requirements: 300+ WORDS

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