Right 150 words for each prompt.Do you take a Sophistic, Platonic, or Aristoteli
Right 150 words for each prompt.Do you take a Sophistic, Platonic, or Aristotelian position on rhetoric? Why or why not? What makes your position the right one to take today in politics? Try to convince your classmates! Offer at least two reasons why your chosen position is superior to the other. Make sure in your response you offer a fair, accurate, and concise critique of all positions. Imagine that you are sending a video message to a friend whom you want to attend a protest with. Your friend is hesitant to attend because s/he doesn’t see herself/himself aligning with the ideologies that are supported at this protest. But, you genuinely think your friend has a lot to gain (personally/professionally/politically) by attending this protest. Design a strategic message; address your friend and convince them to go. Use a few ideographs to create an especially persuasive appeal. Choose a “myth” that you see circulating in discourses on a public issue. Describe the myth.. Answer the following questions and cite ideas from the course readings at least twice:Where do you think this myth came from? What ideologies are embedded in this myth? What agenda is connected to this ideology? What does this myth contribute to ongoing discourses on your issue? Is it helpful to the politics of your issue or is it dangerous? Why or why not? Requirements: 450

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