Question 1 (10 points)What does “reflection” mean?Question 1 options:Question 2
Question 1 (10 points)What does "reflection" mean?Question 1 options:Question 2 (10 points)What gets your "attention" during a learning experience? (The conceptual frameworks that will help you most with this question are from Fiddler and Marienau.)Question 2 options:Question 3 (10 points)Describe the feedback loop. What is the difference between a positive and a negative feedback loop? (theories from Korthagen and Vasalos).Question 3 options:Question 4 (10 points)Why are you continuing your education at this point? (This question refers to the Korthhagen and Vasalos Onion Model)Question 4 options:Question 5 (10 points)How would you describe yourself as a learner?How would you describe the learning experiences you had in the past?Question 5 options:Question 6 (10 points)Describe an example experience of when you learned something new. Did it change your beliefs in some way? Or, did the experience not challenge your opinions very much? (This question comes from the David Kolb Acquisition model.)Question 6 options:Question 7 (10 points)When you learned something new during a job, did it involve an aspect of being a "team player"? How did the social relationships affect how you learned? (Kegan and Lahey)Question 7 options:Question 8 (10 points)How do beliefs and opinions we already have affect how we see a situation? Requirements: No limitations

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