PurposeThis assignment is meant to help you gain a better understanding of plann
PurposeThis assignment is meant to help you gain a better understanding of planning, implementing, analyzing anddiscussing evaluation in practice with clients.InstructionsYou will design, conduct and analyze a single case design using yourself as the “client”. As you think aboutdeveloping and undertaking this, be sure to keep in mind feasibility, measurability and time constraints. Theassignment will consist of the steps below and will culminate in a PowerPoint presentation due in Week 6.Step 1: Goal IdentificationIdentify something that you would like to change or improve and explain the reason(s) forchoosing it. The possibilities are endless such as improving health, sleeping better, or reducingstress. Please do not attempt to change anything that could negatively impact your health orrequires medical supervision.Step 2: Objective and Dependent VariableThis critical step involves narrowing your goal down to a specific objective and deciding how youwould measure it (dependent variable). If the goal is to sleep better, the objective might be toget at least 7 hours of sleep each night and then the number of hours slept at night could be thedependent variable. If the goal is to improve health, the objective might be to lose 5 pounds andthe dependent variable could be weight.Step 3: InterventionThere will be multiple interventions that you could implement to reach your objective and beginto accomplish your goal, but you will identify and choose one for this assignment. If you choseto get at least 7 hours of sleep each night, you might choose guided meditation as theintervention. If you chose to lose 5 pounds, you might choose to eliminate sugary drinks fromyour diet as the intervention.Step 4: Implementation, Monitoring, and Data Gathering PlanFor whichever intervention you select, you will develop a plan to carry it out and collectnecessary data. This must include how you will monitor implementation of the intervention (e.g.,what is the strategy for completing the intervention) and the plan for collecting data on thedependent variable.Step 5: Design Type and Data IllustrationIdentify the type of design that you have chosen for your study; it will likely be an AB, B, or B+design (see Chapter 13 Rubin & Babbie). Briefly explain the reason(s) you chose that design.Create a graph or table (do not hand draw) which visually depicts the data on the dependentvariable you selected, being sure to use appropriate labelling and indicate the point at which the intervention was introduced (if you have an A phase). You may also choose to visually depictother data you may have collected, but this is not required.Step 6: Data Analysis and FindingsDescribe what you would conclude about your intervention and findings. Was it effective? Whyor why not? What obstacles did you encounter during the study and what threats to internalvalidity (see Chapter 16 of text) may have impacted the results? What would you do differently ifyou were to do this again?PowerPoint Presentation: Your presentation should include all aspects of the assignment and should beapproximately 10 minutes in length. You must incorporate at least three professional references into yourassignment. Professional references can include the textbook(s), assigned readings and resources, as well asappropriate government, organizational, or professional publications, reports and websites. Requirements: Powerpoint   |   .doc file

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