Passengers on an airplane can be divided based on how they pass the time as heav
Passengers on an airplane can be divided based on how they pass the time as heavy sleepers, dreamers, lame gamers, and the annoying ones. Heavy sleepers have the ability to sleep under every condition. The moment the plane takes off and the lights get dimmed down, they go in hibernation state. The duration of their sleep is the same as the duration of the flight. Turbulence, babies crying, captain’s announcements, and food service cannot wake them up. The dreamers usually prefer sitting next to the window. Most of the time, they admire the view and wonder about what is going on in their lives. Occasionally, dreamers might take a look at their cell phones or to listen to some music. We all can relate to the lame gamers; they pass time by playing games on their cell phones, such as Candy Crush, Sudoku, and even Tic Tac Toe. They move from a game to another as they get bored; however, they never run out of games to make a new high score in. Finally, the annoying passenger is someone who makes a lot of noise without even knowing. If they sit next to the window, you will get up from your seat ten times at least. They are loaded with snacks, so they make a lot of sound from the bags. Also, they can be annoying the smell of their snacks. Passengers on an airplane may vary based on how they pass time during the flight. Requirements: less than 500 words

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