Part 1: So far in this course, we have explored technology through the lenses of
Part 1: So far in this course, we have explored technology through the lenses of history, the humanities, and the natural and applied sciences. In this module, you will wrap up your draft of Final Project Part One with Milestone Four, and the social sciences lens is the last piece of the puzzle. Look back over the topics you chose to discuss in previous discussions, select one, and reexamine it now through the social sciences. In your initial post, address the following:Describe or summarize your previous topicHow has your understanding been affected by the social sciences lens?How does the social sciences lens support the lens you previously used?In responding to your peers, provide feedback on their topic analysis and describe the value of the social sciences lens for understanding technology.Make sure you support your post and responses with the readings from this module, and any additional resources as needed. Part 2: Before selecting a systems monitoring solution, identifying the needs of the solution is critical. Propose a method, checklist, or routine for assessing the needs of an enterprise when considering monitoring and maintenance. In your responses, comment on your classmates’ assessment plans. Are there elements of monitoring or management that may be overlooked? Will the plan accurately guide the decision-making process? Make any recommendations for improving the plan or comment on elements that your plan may have overlooked that you might incorporate into your own process. Part 3: Provide a status report to your classmates and instructor. Discuss any major modifications you have made to the system or documentation. Discuss your maintenance plan and the documents comprising your appendix.What must be done to ensure the system continues to operate as designed? What other considerations will you be including in the maintenance plan?What documents or other deliverables are you including in the appendix? Explain why they are relevant and add value.Engage your classmates in discussions that mimic team dynamics expected in professional real-world information technology project environments.In response to your peers, provide constructive feedback on their progress and maintenance plan and appendix discussion. Are they missing anything? Could they have demonstrated anything differently for greater effect? Requirements: As required

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