I’m working on a genetics multi-part question and need an explanation to help me
I'm working on a genetics multi-part question and need an explanation to help me learn.Microbial Genetics Short answer (In not more than 5 sentences) (5 pts each correct and coherent answer; incomplete or wrong answer: 0 pts): 1. Differentiate the genotype and phenotype of a cell. 2. If deoxyribonucleotides that lack the 3’-OH groups are added during the replication process, what do you expect will occur? 3. Why is it more likely that insertions or deletions will be more detrimental to a cell than point mutations? 4. Describe what happens when a nonsense mutation is introduced into the gene encoding transposase within a transposon. 5. A pure culture of an unknown bacterium was streaked onto plates of a variety of media. You notice that the colony morphology is strikingly different on plates of minimal media with glucose compared to that seen on trypticase soy agar plates. How can you explain these differences in colony morphology? Complete the table below (5 pts each) 6. Below are several DNA sequences that are mutated compared with the wild-type sequence: 3’-T A C T G A C T G A C G A T C-5’. Envision that each is a section of a DNA molecule that has separated in preparation for transcription, so you are only seeing the template strand. Construct the complementary DNA sequences (indicating 5’ and 3’ ends) for each mutated DNA sequence, then transcribe (indicating 5’ and 3’ ends) the template strands, and translate the mRNA molecules using the genetic code, recording the resulting amino acid sequence (indicating the N and C termini). What type of mutation is each? Requirements: Full answers, min 5 sentences each   |   .doc file

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