I’m working on a art writing question and need a sample draft to help me learn.s
I'm working on a art writing question and need a sample draft to help me learn.sample draft essay for attached piece of art: 1.) LOOK - Take time to look at the work of art.What do you notice? Take inventory of everything you see in the work of art. Close your eyes for about 30 seconds and try to remember everything you observed. What details do you remember? What did you overlook? Is the work of art; Representational, Abstract, Non-representational 2.) DESCRIBE - Talk about what you see in the work of art using expressive language.Explore line, shape, color, composition, material, and subject matter, based upon our conversations during class. Use expressive language to describe what you see in detail. For example, instead of writing, “I see the sky,” write, “I see a dark, foreboding sky full of heavy clouds that sulk across the composition.” 3.) THINK - Interpret and assign meaning to the work of art.What story is taking place? What is the setting, or the time and place depicted? What is the mood of the work? How do you know? What is this work of art about? What do you think the artist was trying to communicate through the creation of this work of art? 4.) CONNECT - Relate what you see to your own life, or to other works of art or images you have seen.What does this work of art remind you of? Why? How does this work of art relate to an aspect of your own life? Compare this work of art to other images/objects that you have seen, either in a museum or in your everyday life or your textbook. How are they similar? How are they different? In writing this essay, here are pertinent points that you should consider as the basis for your essay. Not every point will be relevant to your particular choice of art work; only discuss those that are evident:a.) Line: Does the piece use outlines, contour lines, or bothb.) Directional Lines: Are there any important directional lines? If so, describe them.c.) Implied Lines: Are there any implied lines? If so, describe them.d.) Figure and Ground: Describe the figure(s) and ground(s) in the piece.e.) Implied Shape(s): Describe any implied shape(s) in the piece.f.) Implied Light: Is there any modeling in the piece? If so, describe it.g.) If there are prominent black and white areas, describe the values.h.) Color: Which colors are used; primary, secondary, intermediate?i.) Are the colors mostly cool, warm, or a mixture?j.) What are the prominent hues in the piece and is the palette restricted or open?k.) Are the values mostly tints, shades, or a mixture?l.) Color Harmonies: Are the colors monochromatic, complementary, analagous, or triadic?m.) Is there any simultaneous contrast or afterimage? If so, describe where in the piece.n.) Is there any optical color mixture? If so, describe where in the piece.o.) What emotional effect do the colors of the piece have upon you as the viewer?p.) Texture: Is the texture actual, visual, or a mixture? If actual, where does it exist and how does it add to the piece?q.) Pattern: Is there any pattern in the piece? If so, describe how it adds to the piece.r.) Implied Space: Is there any implied space in the piece? If so, describe how it benefits the piece.s.) Is there any linear perspective in the piece? If so, describe where in the piece and whether it leads your eyes.t.) Are there any leading lines in the piece? If so, describe them and their effect on you as the viewer.u.) What emotional impact does this image have upon you as a viewer and how does this piece relate to your past and present life experiences? Requirements: as long as it takes to answer all of the questions   |   .doc file

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