I will supply the ISBN’s of the books (listed below in the instructions) we read
I will supply the ISBN's of the books (listed below in the instructions) we read for the class as well attach a third source upon accepting the bid. Due: Thursday, August 5th, in D2L Dropbox by 11:59 pm (it WILL lock at this time!) Last day to request an extension: end of class Tuesday the 3rd Length: at least 7 paragraphs Prompt 1: Think about the differences in the ending of El Cid and Fuenteovenjuna. Taken as a pair, they raise questions about the use of violence--particularly when it can/should be avoided and when it's necessary. Using these two texts and at least one non-European text from our readings, write an essay that answers this question: According to our readings, in what circumstances is violence allowable as a way to resolve conflict? You must use both El Cid and Fuenteovejuna and at least one non-European text. The body of the essay is at least 5 paragraphs--each paragraph has one central idea, so you need to come up with at least 5 ideas, preferably before you start writing. Organize the essay around the purposes, not around the ideas. The paragraphs do not need to include more than one text, but should do so when your idea is found in more than one. You might want to consider the villains as well as the heroes. Counter-examples can often help you define your own ideas. Use a combination of paraphrase and quote. Not every example needs a quote--save those for when the text is defining the term you're discussing. Otherwise, paraphrase is fine. The 5+ body paragraphs need to more than just a list--they need to flow logically from first to last. Use transition phrases to show now the topics connect. Example: connect topics like this: "Being willing to die for one's people [previous paragraph topic] is also an example of how both time periods value self-sacrifice for the sake of the community [new paragraph topic]." Conclusion: using your data, is there a consistent opinion on this topic around the world?

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