final paper will be an analysis of the Weaponized Communication article. You wil
final paper will be an analysis of the Weaponized Communication article. You will be sure to provide all of these elements in the paper -- APA or MLA but be consistent in form. I expect this paper may run 5-7 pages for everything. Introduction to the topicDefine Demagoguery. What is some of its history in democracy? Is there more than one kind? (This information will come from the other article and I would recommend you use it to help make sure you focus in on these questions)The Rhetorical SituationThe Content Analysis along with identification of logos, pathos and two rhetorical devices used in the paper. See the link here for ideas of what you can identify in the paper. (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) Your Reflection/Thoughts about the article and its success in answering the question, effectiveness and your thoughts or surprises. (following the same line of questions you used to complete the Rhodes paper)Reference pageIN ADDITION:I have provided the introduction page and a few other details on one of the added files . Add onto that and move forward with the other body paragraphs (meaning, copy and past what I already have and continue on with good flow and connectivity with what I already have, it will also give you a good idea on how to move forward). THE ARTICLE IN WHICH YOU HAVE TO READ AN ANALYZE IS ON THE FILES I ADDED AS WELL!(: Requirements: 5 pages (not including cover page and reference page)   |   .doc file

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