Develop a policy or procedure for ONE of the following PPE topics: 1. Hearing Pr
Develop a policy or procedure for ONE of the following PPE topics: 1. Hearing Protection/Noise Exposure 2. Respiratory Protection 3. Eye and Face Protection 4. Head Protection Required Content of Assignment 1. Provide a summary on the company/workplace that you will be creating the policy or procedure. This summary should explain the industry (construction, manufacturing, health care, oil and gas, retail, transportation, etc.) and identify any specialization. IE, Construction – New Home). The purpose of this summary is to give the reader a clear description of the workplace to accurately validate the identified hazards and controls. The approximate number of employees that the policy is created for should be included. Summary should be between 1/2 and 1 full page. 2. Identify and list all hazards that workers will be exposed to in your company/workplace to a maximum of 20 hazards. Include all controls that you would put into place to protect workers from hazards identified in this process. Hazard identification should be between 1/2 and 1 full page. This step may be presented in a chart format showing hazards and then basic control measures. This information will be used by you to create your Policy and Procedure on the PPE you have selected 3. Once you have completed your hazard identification, identify the PPE topic that you are going to write the assignment (policy and procedure) and create your assignment. This should be between 3 and 4 pages. Choose from ONE of the PPE topics below A. Hearing protection B. Respiratory protection C. Eye and face protection D. Head protection • Assignment must clearly identify the jurisdiction and any CSA standards for which the policy is written for • Recommended PPE should be identified by brand name, style, model and inclusion of example pictures of the selected PPE • Training must include initial and refresher training and record keeping requirements • If you use resources from the web or internal company resources, all of these must be cited in your assignment

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