Describe the elements of group dynamics and conflict resolution methods, and pro
Describe the elements of group dynamics and conflict resolution methods, and provide evidence of your ability to perform efficiently and effectively as an HR professional. Section 2 must be based on a recent or current project (large or small) which you have led - or in which you have taken a leading role, or been part of the project team.1-Describe the elements of Group Dynamics and why it is important to understand this from an HR perspective. You should make reference to a model of group processes explaining how this may be used to identify and manage group dynamics. (AC1.2) (approx 400 words) 2- Explain how conflict might arise within a group setting - provide 2 examples within an HR Context, and suggest ways of overcoming these (AC1.2) (approx 225 words) 3-PROJECT MANAGEMENT Provide evidence of your use of project management skills e.g.objective-setting, defining deliverables, identifying resources, setting timelines, project costing, risk management, monitoring and success evaluation. (AC2.1) (approx 200 words)4-Provide evidence of your problem solving skills during the course of the project – how you identified a particular problem, and then identified and evaluated alternatives. (AC2.2) (approx 125 words) 5- Explain how you successfully influenced, persuaded and negotiated with others in the course of that project (or other related activity), e.g. using your analytical skills, risk assessment, appraisal of options, etc. (AC2.3) (approx 300 words) 6-You should also include 3-5 references from up to date and relevant sources in order to support your findings.7- ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS: Please also comment on how you will transfer the new knowledge and skills gained during this assignment into working practices. You may also use this reflection for your CPD. (approx 200 words) Requirements: (1,450 words)   |   .doc file

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