Assessment 1: Industry Analysis PortfolioDue date Week 5, Friday 13/08/2021, 12:
Assessment 1: Industry Analysis PortfolioDue date Week 5, Friday 13/08/2021, 12:00pmWeighting 30%Type AssignmentLength Template provided. Each section has a specified word limit, 200-500 words. Inaddition, students are required to provide appendices and references to supportthese sections.Submission Turnitin on BlackboardRequirements Scenario: As an individual consultant, you have been hired by a group ofinvestors to investigate a New Zealand industry, and report back on whether youwould recommend they invest in this industry. Hence, the purpose of this reportis to highlight the key opportunities and threats facing the industry, and toprovide an informed investment recommendation.The industry you will analyse will be provided by your workshop lecturer. Onlyanalyse the industry provided. You will use the frameworks learned over the first3 weeks of the course to analyse this industry, using the process practiced inWorkshops. You will write-up your analysis on the provided template, which willrequire you to draw conclusions based on your analysis using each framework.The template will require you to write in concise paragraph form.Please see Blackboard and your Workshop Lecturer for additional requirementsfor this assessment.Important notes: This is an individual assignment. However, as you will be working on the same industry as other members in your student group, you may choose toengage in some exchange of research and brainstorming with other students(but this is not a requirement). Although exchange of research and discussionmay take place, as this is an individual assessment, submissions must featureoriginal wording and students must ensure they do not plagiarise each other.Instances of students handing in the same text will be taken very seriously,and referred to AUT Academic Integrity Committee. You have access to the same information that is available to a professional consultant, e.g., market intelligence databases, company reports, mediareports, industry trade publications, etc. You are producing a high-valuereport that will highlight future opportunities and threats that investors willneed to consider. Information based on the past and present is of much lessvalue than well-supported credible data about future trends. A large portion of the marking of this assessment is based on your ability to source and analyse quality data. Analysis drawn from blogs, miscellaneouswebsites, and other analysis will be heavily penalised. You must, therefore,demonstrate your ability to gather information from sources, and decide foryourself what this means for the company – students who demonstrate thisability will score much higher than those who are simply summarising others’analyses or findings. Requirements: 1500   |   .doc file

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