As a mixed-race daughter of a Korean immigrant mother, Young has faced a number
As a mixed-race daughter of a Korean immigrant mother, Young has faced a number of intercultural challenges and conflicts; in this article, Young shares and analyzes her own experiences of being a hybrid identity to argue cultural identities are not fixed or naturally given, but fluid, dynamic, and continuously shifting.Please read Young’s article thoroughly. Then, follow the instructions below to get credits for this module:First, summarize Young’s main points; how does Young theorize cultural identities? What are three sites for cultural identity formation she found? How do race, ethnicity, nationality, and gender intersect to construct Young’s half and half identity? Why does she select auto-ethnography as a research method? After the summary, listen to the podcast project: Generation mixed goes to school by Dr. Anjuli Brekke; think and discuss how Young's auto-ethnography is useful/helpful to understand how mixed-raced kids navigate their race(s)/racial categories in schools; Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas about hybrid identities/hybridity of mixed-race kids in the U.S. by finding and adding one or two direct quotations from Young’s piece that most resonate with the stories of mixed-race kids from the podcast. Explain why the quotation(s) specifically relate to, expand, and/or support what is addressed in the podcast. Main concepts to refer to: Hybrid identities/Hybridity (e.g. hyphenated identities, mixed-race individuals, immigrants, “liminal space,” “neither here nor there,” betwixt and between,” and “kind-of…” identities) Auto-ethnography Geopolitical contexts shaping cultural identity Linguistic backgrounds shaping cultural identity The tension of assimilation and preservation Submission format/requirement:a. no more than 500words/ no minimum words limit (include word counts in your submission) b. include at least one example to support your pointspodcast link: has attached Requirements: 400

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