Learning Goal: I’m working on a cyber security project and need support to help
Learning Goal: I'm working on a cyber security project and need support to help me learn. Security in Application Software Design & Coding As a Senior IT Security Consultant for Salus Cybersecurity Services, LLC (Salus Cybsec), a company that provides cybersecurity services to both private industry and government clients, you continue working on your assignment to develop a secure software development plan for your client Greentech Engineering and Services (GES). In this section of your plan, you will focus on security in application software design and coding. To complete this section of your plan you will address the following tasks: Task background: Online applications often require inputs from users. A common method of attacking an application is to provide data that cause unexpected behavior in the application. Input attacks, also referred to malformed input attacks or injection attacks, are designed to exploit vulnerabilities in the application by causing unexpected behavior including elevation of privileges, execution of arbitrary code, malfunction, or abort.Task: Identify and explain the different types of input attacks that a software application must safeguard against. Discuss design-oriented administrative and technical controls that must be addressed to prevent input attacks. Task background: Many storage components are shared in multiprocessing systems. This includes memory (stack and heap), databases, and file systems. When a process utilizes a resource, the process may write data to the resource temporarily. A flaw in software implementation may make it possible for a process to discover residual data left by a previous process. This flaw is known as object reuse.Task: Identify and explain essential coding countermeasures that must be taken to prevent object reuse vulnerabilities. Task background: A backdoor is a mechanism that is deliberately coded in a software application to either provide a special-purpose software maintenance channel under a sanctioned development practice, or circumvent security when implemented with malicious intent. For example, a backdoor may be supported in the software to facilitate testing, facilitate production access (sanctioned purposes), or facilitate a break-in (malicious purpose).Task: Identify and explain essential coding-stage countermeasures that must be taken to safeguard the software against backdoor vulnerabilities. Submission Details: Produce a Word document, approximately 3-5 pages long not counting the title and references pages. Name your document W2P_yourLastName_yourFirstInitial. Submit your document to the Submissions Area by the due date assigned.

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