Writer 1 The individual’s physical and mental health are both significantly impa
Writer 1 The individual's physical and mental health are both significantly impacted by an individual's spiritual welfare. According to the research that has been conducted, nurses rarely incorporate spirituality when caring for the patients; similar research also indicates that nurses rarely evaluate spiritual requirements, even though providing spiritual care and determining a patient's spiritual needs are both essential components of the duty of the nurse. To examine different facets of spirituality in nursing, various tools can be used. These tools include the SCCRS, SSSC, SCIP, SCI, SCNI, SCPS, SQET, SCPSR, CSCT, SI, and NSAQ. Other examples of these tools are also available. Writer 2 Spirituality in Nursing A person's spiritual conditions are directly correlated to their health conditions and generally the well-being of a person. Over time, spirituality is considered what defines a human being and is widely recognized by various health practitioners as an essential tool in healing (Hawthorne & Gordon, 2020). The practice of spiritual care in nursing is a broad field that is given priority, and several measures and tools are put in place to involve the spiritual view and beliefs in the healing practices and in providing health care. This study aims at discussing the spiritual practices in nursing and identifying the various tools that have been devised and implemented to evaluate spiritual practice in health care.

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