You will design a mixed-methods social science research project. This includes d
You will design a mixed-methods social science research project. This includes developing research questions and/or testable hypotheses and designing a project that utilizes two different methodologies to collect the data necessary to test your hypotheses or answer your research questions. Components of the proposal: 1. Introduction & Literature Review: This section should include an introduction to your topic that explains why it is important to study. The literature review should provide an overview and synthesis of the relevant pervious research on your topic. This section describes current academic knowledge of the topic. You must cite at least 5 academic sources using APA style. (approximately 3 pages) 2. Research question(s)/hypotheses: Clearly state your research questions and hypotheses. For an inductive method—state your key research questions. Explain how your questions connect to and extend the current literature and are appropriate for qualitative research methods. For a deductive method—explain how you expect your variables to relate. Is something supposed to predict something else? Explain your theory. (approximately 1-2 paragraphs for each methodology) 3. Research methodologies: These two sections will contain the methodology for your proposed research. The methodologies should build on your research proposal outline and incorporate my feedback on that assignment. (approximately 4 pages for each methodology) 4. Discussion: This section will contain a discussion any limitations of your research. What were the limitations of conducting quantitative research over qualitative research and vice versa? How could your research be improved? Are there any major obstacles you would face if you were to carry out your research? This may require going back through class readings, notes and slides. This section should also contain an assessment of the unique contributions that each of your proposed methodologies can make towards understanding your topic. What unique insights can each method provide and how may they complement each other to provide a more comprehensive analysis of your topic? (approximately 2 pages) 5. References: You need to have a minimum of 5 academic references (i.e., from scholarly journals/books). References must be cited in APA style.Note: Page ranges are only estimates. Your proposal will be evaluated based on content, not length. For help with APA style, please see:

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