For this assignment you will submit your PowerPoint presentation report on Indep
For this assignment you will submit your PowerPoint presentation report on Independence Hall. You should create this as if for a 10-minute presentation on the site given to your family, friends, or some other occasion. See organization, formatting, and submission instructions below. Objectives In completing this assignment you will: Investigate a single important cultural heritage (archaeological) site, summarizing your research findings in a coherent fashion. (content, critical thinking) Recognize the importance of cultural heritage and its stewardship within a country and within the global context provided by UNESCO. (critical thinking) Apply your knowledge of archaeological terms, methods, and techniques (content, terminology). Make logical and informed judgments about an ongoing situation in one nation in terms of similar valuation of, and threats to, cultural heritage, in the specific context of UNESCO recognition. (critical thinking, judgment) Communicate effectively through writing, organization, and image selection your research findings. (communication) Express openness to other cultural views or opinions, especially those of other local and extra-local stakeholders. (communication, acceptance of others) Instructions Format and Submission FORMAT: at least 9 Powerpoint slides, in this sequence: Title slide: Title: Site name and country (e.g., Pyramids of Giza, Egypt); Subtitle: your name Minimally 7 Content slides: Put at least one large image on each slide with major ideas. Using bullet points, provide major information about your site. Content: (each of these topics may fit on one or two slides) Description: Describe the site –what it is, how big it is, how it is configured, how large it is, what materials it is made of, etc. Location: Give its full location: country, region, and culture associated with the site; a map is helpful here. Note that you may want to include this site in your e-map project. Date: Indicate the important time periods (period names) or time spans (dates) of site occupation and explain why that is significant (e.g., Late Bronze Age, Medieval period, Neolithic). This can also go in your e-timeline. Archaeology: Explain who surveyed or excavated the site, when and how, what they did or found. Correctly utilize archaeological terminology. Significance: Summarize the significant findings of the research. Why is this site so significant for archaeology? For global and local cultural heritage? UNESCO: Explain when and why the site was accepted for UNESCO designation. How does it meet their criteria? What unique or valued characteristics does it have? Threats and Stakeholders: Indicate whether the integrity or preservation of the site are threatened, by whom or what, and what is being done to mitigate or lessen those threats. Who are the major stakeholders who care about maintaining the site and the heritage it represents? Bibliography/References slide: The final slide(s) should list first, bibliographic information from at least 4 authoritative references (3 beyond the UNESCO webpage). These might be books, journal articles, newspaper reports, and authoritative videos. Tourist websites are NOT authoritative. Format: You may use any common bibliography format, such as MLS or Chicago Manual of Style. Each entry should include author, title, year of publication, and publication outlet (e.g., journal, book). If it was accessed electronically, include the url. Second: Also on this slide separately list all the urls or other source information for every image included in the presentation. SUBMISSION: File Type: Please submit a .ppt or .pptx file. If you prefer to use another file type, you must first inform the instructors to make sure they can open it. Please do NOT convert the file to .pdf, as formatting may be lost.

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