Coach/Servant Leadership The result of the emotional intelligence show that I am
Coach/Servant Leadership The result of the emotional intelligence show that I am more of a coach. I believe in heard work and that success will sure come when you keep on trying. Helping others grow is also something that make me happy. I am a strong believer in the saying that tough time do not last but tough people do. Just as the result reveals, I enjoy getting both positive and negative feedback because I know that honest feedback help in improving one's ability. Taking other people's problems as mine is one thing I have been trying heard to improve on. The result would help me recognize the fact that not everyone wants help or needs to be fixed. So, I would make sure to let people their own growth needs. One of the most pressing issues facing the nursing profession is the rise in nurse-to-patient ratios. The caregivers are expected in every country to take care of more patients, and they are allowed to cope with this problem through local, states and medical centers. The first country in 2004 to implement legislation requiring a mean nurse-patient ratio was California. One nurse for every five patients is the ratio in medical-surgical units (Butler et al. 2019). An excellent relationship between nurses and patients can lead to many wonderful things. Nurses, patients, and even healthcare institutions have had success when using a safe nurse staffing approach. The nurse-to-patient ratio model is a straightforward process, consumes less time, nurses and nurse managers have less stress and gives nurse managers enough time to be on the floor. With this in mind, therefore, the stepdown surgical unit will be setup using the nurse-to-patient model and will needs six nurses to take care of the patients on a 24-hour rotation. The necessity for work is to locate not only the number but also the kind of individuals. One PCA will be responsible for ten patients while the EKG technician will analyze all tests done. The unit will also train its staff to foster career development. It is important to give training and development chances for employees to enhance their competence and motivation. According to Chen et al. (2019), this will allow them to achieve the top and improve their skills. Employees are not only motivated by training and growth, but they are also more productive at work. From the qualified registered nurses, I will pick one to lead the entire team. Leadership is key to the success of any organization. This will be purely based on experience, qualifications and personal attributes. A lead nurse is responsible for administrative decisions within the unit's setup and is overall in charge of the facility. In conclusion, the nurse-to-patient ratio might be imbalanced even in a well-trained medical facility. A nurse may be allowed to call unwell patients or more than usual. In both cases, a larger nurse-to-patient ratio means that nurses have to deal with more patients. Although it may not appear so, adding additional nurses to a healthcare facility's workforce might save money. According to research low nurse-to-patient ratio helps patients stay in the hospital for less time and saving money on healthcare bills. The assessment confirmed that I am more of the servant leadership style which I believe is the best leadership style one can used to create an effective team. I will use the servant leadership style to establish an effective team on a medical-surgical unit by allowing the team members to experience personal evolution, develop and learn for themselves and others. The servant leadership style will assist me in noting the strengths, weaknesses, and motivations of my team members. Once I have known each team member's strengths, weaknesses, and triggers, I will provide the necessary assistance. I will also work on ways that will enable me to connect with the team members. Servant leadership style help to earn people’s trust and as a good listener, I believe a community would be built in my unit. By earning others trust, I will have a chance to create a solid connection with the team members and allow me to engage with them in positive interactions. An example of a team-building activity that I would use is writing down medical words or phrases commonly used in the medical-surgical units. We shall have these words written in papers that are folded. The team members will randomly pick the pieces of paper, after which I will request each person to explain what the word means. This exercise will ensure that all team members can be called out abruptly and respond to a particular situation in the medical-surgical unit correctly without hesitating. Once the team members have explained the words, the members will be grouped into two where they will act out the item on the paper while the rest tries to guess. The importance of this part of the activity will be to emphasize communication and cooperation within the team.

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