PLEASE USE THE ATTACHED TEMPLATE. IT HAS ALREADY BEEN PRE-FILLED WITH PATIENT INFORMATION. PLEASE CONTRIBUTE TO THE EXISITING INFORMATION ON THE CONCEPT MAP. PLEASE ADD MORE DETAILED ASSESSMENT DATA FROM HEAD TO TOE. a. Components of the concept map i. Individual's information (10 points/10%) 1. Age 2. Medical diagnosis 3. Brief review of underlying pathophysiology *List what functional changes are happening *List process that initiated and maintained disorder or disease ii. Assessment Data (15 points; 15%) 1. Include all assessment data, not simply information that supports the selected nursing diagnoses Inspect Palpation Percussion Auscultate Neurological Exam iii. Nursing Diagnoses (15 points/ 15%) 1. Select three nursing diagnoses to addresses a. One must be an actual problem b. One must address a psychosocial need c. The final must be a high priority for the individual iv. Linkages Within and Between Diagnoses (5 points/5%) 1. Concept map demonstrates relationship within and between the nursing diagnoses. v. Planning (15 points/15%) 1. Prioritize diagnoses to reflect needs of the individual 2. Set realistic outcome measurement 3. At least two (2) scholarly, primary sources from the last 5 years, excluding the textbook, are provided vi. Implementation (15 points/15%) 1. Interventions are individualized for patient-provide rationale 1. Interventions support achievement of selected outcome measurements-provide rationale ii. Evaluation of Outcomes (5 points/15%) 1. Determine if outcomes were met. 2. Provide evidence that supports that determination. 3. Describe what changes, if any, are needed to promote expected outcomes in the future. iii. Safety-Communication-Infection Control 16 points/16%) a. specific elements of communication used when providing care, b. safety concerns related to the individual for whom you cared, and c. infection control practices followed while caring for this patient. iv. APA Citations and Writing (4 points/4%) a. References are submitted with assignment. b. Uses appropriate APA format and is free of errors. c. Grammar is free of errors. d. Spelling is free of errors. e. Mechanics of writing are free of errors. x. Power Point Template (0 points/0%) (deduction if not used) a. Used provided Power Point Template for assignment completion or an alternate that is approved by faculty. For writing assistance (APA, formatting, or grammar) visit the APA Citation and Writing page in your course resources.

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