you will determine the Leadership topics they wish to address. Topics can be bas
you will determine the Leadership topics they wish to address. Topics can be based on your course readings and discussions, your knowledge, and experiences, issues arising in previous interviews with leaders, or any other exposures to leadership topics that the group members believe to be interesting. A minimum number of leadership theories, equal to the group size, should be covered in the project. Group Creation: 2. Non-Profit Corporate Leaders Based on the type of organization they wish to participate in, students will need to self-enroll into the group of their choice. To do so, use the Group tab located in the course blackboard menu. While creativity and flexibility are encouraged, the following are required: 1. Research artifacts (e.g., articles, documentaries, books) about or interview a minimum of three (3) leaders (within the chosen category, and who meet the below specifications): a. Leaders must supervise a team of five (5) or more members. b. Leaders should have worked in their organization for five (5) or more years. 2. Briefly describe the business leaders' backgrounds and significant accomplishments. 3. Describe the characteristics of leadership, using the theories and models studied in the course that are/were evident in the individuals. 4. Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the individuals' key leadership characteristics. a. Why has he/she been successful? b. What could have made him/her even more effective as a leader? 5. Compare and Contrast similarities and differences between the chosen leaders. 6. Draw conclusions as to why there are similarities and differences between the leaders. 7. What is the group's overall understanding of the type of traits, styles, and competencies generally needed for success in the chosen category of leaders? Requirements for Reports and Presentations: 1. A report, including cover page and references - APA format. 3. Presentations can include PowerPoint with talking points, video, and other audiovisuals. 4. The majority of team members must participate in the presentation – via Blackboard Collaborate. 5. All Collaborate presentations will be attached to Voice Thread to allow for questions from your classmates and your responses to those questions.

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