Vandelay just received the final demand values from our last fiscal year: Octobe
Vandelay just received the final demand values from our last fiscal year: October 1, 2020 through September 30, 2021. We have shared the data with you in the attached Excel file. We are interested in potential new locations. We need you to help us visualize our demand from the past year to help our decision makers investigate where to explore placing new warehouses. Within the Excel file, the Demand tab provides the demand quantity for each site, product, and date an order was placed. The demand values are in number of pallets. The Sites tab provides the state each warehouse is located in, as well as the marketing budget for each location. The Products tab provides our profit for each pallet that we distribute. Task 2.1 Build a map in Tableau coloring the states by their total demand from last year. We also require a dropdown so that we can filter the demand by product interactively during our presentations. We also want to be able to visualize the demand by month. Please also label the demand values. Task 2.2 We are interested in whether or not our marketing funds are being used as efficiently as we expect. We would like you to tell us whether or not there is a relationship between our marketing budgets and our demand. Do we see an increase in sales (both in terms of quantity and profit) for every $1,000,000 we invest in marketing? To do so, in Tableau, please plot the sales quantity vs. marketing budget as a scatter plot. Label the site and state of each data point. Finally, include a linear trend line so we can evaluate if there is a relationship. For both of these tasks, we understand you will have to join the data in order to produce the outputs we want. Please do the joins in Tableau so that we can use this same data format and update the data in the future if we need to. Please submit the Tableau file along with your report.

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