Utilizing the lessons learned in class this semester, design the security featur
Utilizing the lessons learned in class this semester, design the security features for a multi-use stadium complex and prepare a security plan for the opening events at the Stadium. The opening events will be the College Football National Championship game and a music festival. The music festival will be held at the venue the weekend before the National Championship Game. You have been hired as the Vice President of Security for a multi-use sports venue. The venue will contain a football stadium, concert hall, residential apartments, retail stores and restaurants. You have been tasked to advise ownership as to the security features and equipment which should be incorporated into the venue's design. The Stadium's first event will be the NCAA Football National Championship Game and a two day music festival held the weekend before the game. As Vice President, you must also design a security plan for these two events. The paper should address the following: 1. The Security challenges involved with multi-use venues and the specific security concerns with each of the type of property on the venue's campus. 2. What technology and security tools you would incorporate into the design. 3. The purpose and benefit of SEAR ratings and what ratings you believe would be appropriate for the events. 4. The elements of a security plan for the game. 5. The security challenges and elements of a security plan for the festival. 6. Team security considerations 7. How COVID-19 impacts the operation of the campus. Context/Purpose The purpose of the final paper is to provide students with a framework to apply concepts learned in the course and develop a comprehensive security plan. Requirements/Logistics Minimum of 1500 words, maximum of 3000 words, double spaced, 12 point font. References course materials where appropriate. Due Date December 15 by 11:59 pm

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