To complete the assignment, you need to thoroughly read through one of the case
To complete the assignment, you need to thoroughly read through one of the case studies. Take notes on the symptoms of the client. You must make the actual diagnosis or diagnoses (if the client has more than one disorder). For one of the case studies, you must complete a discussion board with all three parts described below included. Write one paragraph to justify your diagnosis. In other words, why do you think this client has the diagnosis you are making? Do NOT just summarize the case. Instead, identify symptoms that meet the criteria for the DSM diagnosis. For example, if you think the person in the case study suffers from schizophrenia, give examples of his symptoms & explain how those symptoms match the DSM’s criteria for schizophrenia. Be thorough, convincing & use the DSM to back up your diagnosis. Read through the clinical history and identify any potential vulnerabilities that may be contributing to the disorder from a biopsychosocial perspective. (50 points) Write a second paragraph describing another diagnosis that the client might possibly have. This is called a differential diagnosis. Because Psychology/Psychiatry, like medicine, is not an exact science, you must consider other possible diagnoses for the disorder. For example, if you went to a M.D. with the symptoms of a sore throat, the doctor would need to consider various diagnoses before deciding on the one that most closely fit your symptoms. He/she might diagnose you as having a “flu” but write “allergies” as your differential diagnosis to keep in mind for future reference. Similarly, if you were a psychologist working with a patient, you would need to consider different diagnoses. Again, in making the differential diagnosis for the case study assignment, use the DSM to back up your argument. (30 points) Write a third paragraph describing which form of treatment (psychotherapy, medication, etc) you would suggest given your main diagnosis of the case. Be specific in what type. For example, you would suggest cognitive-behavioral therapy or antidepressants, not drug therapy or psychotherapy. You can tie in discussions from the text, video, lectures, etc to support your suggestion(s) for appropriate treatment. (20 points) I have attached the case studies. Only one needs to be chosen.

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