Title: “My Title is Informative AND and Directly Related to my Question!” Questi
Title: "My Title is Informative AND and Directly Related to my Question!" Question: Segregation is as pertinent an issue now as it was before the landmark Brown v. Board ruling. How did this occur? Abstract: In ~250 words you will present your question and summarize your main arguments/conclusions. Assume your audience reads nothing else, so this paragraph should be the most concise and complete summary of your work, including your question, your hypothesis/thesis, what you did, and what you found. Body: The rest of your paper should include your arguments and evidence. I can't tell you exactly how to structure this section, but I suggest you divide it into several parts, such as "Why is there so much racial inequality in the US?" followed by Hypothesis (or Thesis) 1. In this section, you'll offer a hypothesis or thesis, and then offer evidence to test your hypothesis or support your thesis. Your evidence is likely to primarily come from your review of the relevant literature, so this section might look like a literature review. In each section, you should use the (author date) in-text citation format. Hypothesis (or Thesis) 2, if you examine two or more hypotheses. This section will mirror the previous one. You need not have multiple theses/hypotheses. Reference List, properly formatted according the APSA (American Political Science Association) standards.

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