This assignment has two components that will be submitted as one final comprehen
This assignment has two components that will be submitted as one final comprehensive document: Part 1: Revise your literature review paper (see attached). Using the feedback and comments you received from your professor on the first draft of the literature review in Week 6, revise and edit the paper to reflect that feedback and incorporate all comments. Use the Track Changes option to indicate how you have incorporated the feedback, and use the Insert Comment option to indicate those areas where you have identified a need to revise further, where you have made recommended changes, and where you have made other adjustments based on what you have learned about scholarly writing throughout this course. Part 2: Prepare a reflection to include as an appendix to your literature review. Prepare a brief reflection paper in which you note any remaining questions and concerns that you may have about becoming an effective scholarly writer. Discuss areas of strengths and areas for further growth and development. Identify at least five resources available to students to further enhance your writing skills and note how you will use them in the future. Part 1 Length: 12-15 pages (attached is 8 pages already, only 4 additional needed) Part 2 (appendix) Length: 2-3 pages Total Length: 14-18 pages, not including title and reference pages

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