The report to be continued in Final Project file (attached). Section 1 and 2 has
The report to be continued in Final Project file (attached). Section 1 and 2 has been completed and I would like the pending report to be completed as per the requirement of University mentioned below and also attached. My research proposal is also attached so you can have clear understanding of the research study I am working on. Section 3: Method Justification and Explanation (1500 words) - describe your primary research methods, justify your chosen methods (advantages of the method used; what are the potential disadvantage and why they are not important/how you minimized these) - explain the primary data collection and analysis techniques that are used (access – how you gained access to the org.) (sampling method and sample size) (primary data collection instrument used – questionnaire) (data collection administration – how you conducted your questionnaire survey) (data analysis approach – how you analyzed the data) (ethincal issues – what are these and how to address them) Section 4: Results and Analysis (3500 words) - Set out and analyze the results that is conducted - quantitative approach eg. Questionnaire survey or staff (analyze and evaluate the data, not simple describe it; include suitable comparisons with the literature; set out conclusions about the data supported by evidence) Section 5: Recommendations and Implementation (1500 words) - set out recommendation which org. should implement/consider - need to be specific, realistic and cost effective - must be based on earlier discussion, research and conclusions (nth new) - how each recommendation would be implemented eg. Consider estimated costs, timing, management responsibilities and review arrangements.

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