Read the textbook chapters 14 and 16. Link the textbook-https://assets.openstax.
Read the textbook chapters 14 and 16. Link the textbook- For the instructions of what is required from the writer and how to create the meme and explanations open and read very carefully the docx file "FA21 Meme instructions-1.docx" For you to understand better the instructions I will provide the samples of memes and explanations in the file " SOC121memesamples.pdf". Examples #1 and #2 are good examples, but example #3 shows how this assignment should NOT be done. Include proper in-text citation and definition from the textbook provided. In-text citation (author, page number). Full citation on the reference page. TIme New Romance, 12 points font size, double spacing, a concept in the bold font. YOU SHOULD WRITE A MEME AND AN EXPLANATION FOR EACH CHAPTER. USE SAMPLE #2 FOR THE PROPER IN-TEXT CITATION. TEXT ME IN CASE IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS.

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