Read classmates post below respond in 100 words APA format  7th edition  This we
Read classmates post below respond in 100 words APA format  7th edition  This week for our discussion I chose topic 2. I personally think alcohol is a leading drug in the U.S because it is so accessible. Once a person turns 21 they are able to go and instantly start buying alcohol or go out to bars and clubs to drink. According to that by the age of 12 years old and older have drunk alcohol just this year, and people are using alcohol more than any other drug or tobacco being sold right now. One thing I personally think that should be changed regarding alcohol is how much you can buy at once. I have witnessed people walk into a grocery store or liquor store buying either multiple cases of beer or bottles of alcohol. In my opinion, it should be limited to 2 cases per person and 1 bottle person. The reason that I would like this to be inforced is that, why does one person need more than one bottle of alcohol? Why does one or even two people need more than two cases of beer? There are a lot of potential short-term effects caused by alcohol. {} Some short-term effects can include alcohol poisoning, risky behaviors, car accidents ( from drinking and driving), and hangovers. I read on that some signs and symptoms include drinking when medical problems have started, the need to drink, and once they start having withdraws from not drinking if they stop suddenly. Some people may experience aggression, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, shakiness, or blackout while drinking as well. When my dad was young he used to drink a lot and even as he got older he did a lot of drinking. When I was 15 I found out he was diagnosed with liver failure and had to go through dialysis. He did have other medical problems as well so he needed to do chemo as well. When I was 22 my dad informed me he had stage 4 liver cancer caused by drinking and his specialist said that he was too far advanced and needed to go into hospice. He ended up passing on December 17th, 2018. Ever since then I have not really used alcohol unless it is a holiday and it's wine

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