Please submit your historiography of the movie “Fury – Event Historiography” in
Please submit your historiography of the movie "Fury – Event Historiography" in this dropbox Fury is a movie that is an amalgamation of historical events. Pick one or two events displayed in the movie and1 compare them to actual events in WWII (or, going further afield – during the War for the Greater Middle East!) Example: Apollo 13 - Movie History vs. Analogue History Length: 600-750 (Count the body of your document only! Title and Bibliography do not count towards word count) Standard term paper guidelines: 12 point Times New Roman, double-spaced, 1 inch margins; student name, and contact information; bibliography and footnotes or endnotes in a standard notation style, such as Turabian or MLA (Style is of the student's choosing - recommend using a style used by whatever profession you hope to end up if said style is appropriate)

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