Like any group or sport team, when people are “united,” the group’s performance
Like any group or sport team, when people are "united," the group's performance improves. Of course, certain competitions and rivalry would be necessary in order to make progress as well. President Biden emphasizes that we need to "unite." But how? What is necessary to unite American citizens to cope with the challenge they are facing? There is probably no simple and single way to unite us. This forum is to brainstorm, not brainwash (needless to say). Rather than just lamenting where we are and worry about and anxious about what to come in the next 10 to 20 years, let's think about how to unite us. As the competition intensifies with China, can we unite us? Where should we start? (Education is always an important option, but, it is often said that it will determine the fate of the country in the next 100 years, not in 10 or 20 years. So, forget about education.) Think about what to do now. Think as if you were the advisor for Biden administration. In your comment, I encourage you to use your knowledge of American politics, society, the politics of other countries, and suggestions should be concrete rather than vague. For example, if you want to write about income gap by taxing super rich, you need to discuss why taxing 1 or 2% of the popularion would "unite" the people. (If just 1 or 2% of population is an issue, we have a far easier and better future. The problem of our division is far deeper in a partisan line almost like 50:50.)

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