Learning Goal: I’m working on a psychology discussion question and need an expla
Learning Goal: I'm working on a psychology discussion question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.A) Locate, share, summarize and analyze a recent article related to leisure in contemporary society in the discussion board topic titled “Breaking News”Title your thread with the title of the article Include a link to the article in the body of your post Briefly summarize the content of the article in YOUR words (3-5 sentences) Provide your analysis (1-2 Paragraphs) How do you feel about this event or issue? Do you agree with author(s)? Why or why not? Why is this news or event of significance? How does or how could this issue or event affect you personally or society at large? How does this information on this article connect to leisure or other concepts from the course material?[NOTE: This is not a critique of whether the article is good or bad. Simply share your attitudes/thoughts/beliefs about the information provided. Support your opinion using on your own background knowledge and understanding, the information in the article, course material, personal views and critical thinking skills. Requirements: 250words   |   .doc file

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