Learning Goal: I’m working on a marketing writing question and need an explanati
Learning Goal: I'm working on a marketing writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.This individual report enables you to bring together research and analysis you have completed to produce an international market selection and entry strategy and plan for a UK domestically based company, New Forest Ice Cream (https://www.newforesticecream.com/).Your role is to act as a marketing consultant hired by the company to identify and select one new export market for the company to target based on your research and analysis. You then need to advise them in a report on how they should put together their market entry strategy.The key tasks involved in developing your report are:1. To initially research and assess four potential export markets and then select one key country/market to target first, giving the rationale for your choice. This rationale should be based on the analysis of as much relevant research information as possible. In your market selection you should also consider the internal resources and capabilities of the company. The information you find should be used to create weighting tables. Note that this chosen market then becomes the focus for the rest of your report.2. After you have selected the one market you should include an external audit (analysis of the macroenvironment and microenvironment), SWOT analysis, target market and positioning.3. To consider and recommend the most appropriate market entry mode for your chosen market, giving your reasons. Choice of export market/country: Your chosen export market/country can be anywhere in the world but not the UK, USA, and China. Base your choice of the market on the research applied to the country analysis and screening of the four countries. You do not necessarily select the export market that is potentially the largest for the company but must consider a range of market selection criteria from your screening method.You will not need to apply all concepts – carefully select the ones that you feel are most appropriate. You will not have to explain the concepts in detail – you should focus on their application. If you find additional concepts in the literature that you find useful in the context of your plan, you are welcome to integrate them as this will evidence your wider reading. Requirements: 4000

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