Learning Goal: I’m working on a economics discussion question and need an explan
Learning Goal: I'm working on a economics discussion question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.1.Explain the different types of price discrimination. Then identify a real-world example of price discrimination (preferably not one from the unit lesson), and explain which type of price discrimination it is. Next, using the good from your chosen price discrimination as an example, illustrate how the good fits the criteria necessary for successful price discrimination. Finally, discuss how the price discrimination example leads to an increase in total benefit to society. Have you ever paid a higher price for something than somebody else did? Ever pay a lower price? How did those experiences make you feel?Answer in about a paragraph2.Price discrimination comes in three different categories. First-degree price discrimination, also called perfect price discrimination, is when firms are able to charge each consumer their maximum willingness to pay. Car sales that involve negotiation are an attempt at first-degree price discrimination. Data mining is a growing tool to help firms toward first-degree price discrimination. Answer within 2-3 sentences This is not summary, so please number your answers as it is given in questions Requirements: 1

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