In the form of a five paragraph essay (introduction with thesis sentence, three
In the form of a five paragraph essay (introduction with thesis sentence, three supporting topic paragraphs, conclusion with restatement) write an approximately 500 word response with one of the following conclusions: Was the idea from the Enlightenment: successful and continues to progress, successful but is now eroding in contemporary society, and a failure and was never fully realized. Here are some examples: Equality and the rights of marginalized groups and the movements as they developed in the 20th century. The scientific method and the exploration of space. modern medicine, or other other endeavor that advances quality of life or expands human knowledge. Wollstonecraft and the Feminism of the 21st Century. Freedom of expression and whether Jonathan Swift could write a satire like "A Modest Proposal" in 2021. Newtonian versus modern physics (Heisenberg, Schrodinger... as a worldview) Enlightenment ideas (equality, progress, science, for example) and the horrors of 20th Century history (Holocaust, The Great Depression, World Wars) All analysis should be original: your thoughts in your own words. Do not use material from sources other than the assigned course material.

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