In the first piece of internal assessment you chose a particular form of inequal
In the first piece of internal assessment you chose a particular form of inequality and analysed a series of news articles related to that topic. This assignment takes things a couple of steps further by asking you to interrogate the descriptive content of the first assignment - i.e. the contents of your memo, and of the readings it came from - through one or other of the disciplinary lens you have been introduced to in the course. The specifics are as follows: worth: 15% of your final grade; due date: 16 December 1000 words. Here's what you need to do for this assignment. First of all: return to the form of inequality you used for the first assignment, and re-read the articles you worked through when preparing for that assignment. Then, drawing explicitly on these 4 concepts - Politics, Geography, Anthropology and Sociology ( four readings will be sent covering what these concepts are) Explain what would attract the attention of a person from EACH of the four disciplines studied in the course who might read the four articles you have read (roughly 800 words; so around 200 per discipline); Choose ONE (1) of those disciplines, and list THREE (3) questions that someone from that discipline might ask having read the articles in question (roughly 100 words for all thee questions); Explain why you chose those particular questions (roughly 100 words). In order to complete this assignment you MUST re-read and re-familiarise yourself with (1) the news articles you used in the first assignment, (2) your first assignment (and our comments on it), (3) the lectures notes (both yours and ours) from Block 1, and also (4) the course readings from Topic 2. The readings are critical to this assignment, because they contain the intellectual tools you must have in order to 'see' your chosen form of inequality through our disciplinary lens.

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