**I need the budget template completed, graphs and charts made as described, and
**I need the budget template completed, graphs and charts made as described, and a presentation written that I can read when making my video. I will make the video myself. Please read the attached Full Instructions in the uploads. Thank You!** For this week's assignment, you are the associate administrator of a large department in the City of Acme. You will create a video using Kaltura or another software in which you present a detailed financial plan proposal for the upcoming year. As a departmental or organizational leader, you are likely to be required to prepare a proposed budget for each fiscal year. Budgets provide parameters for achieving goals. Spend too much and you'll have a deficit. Spend too little and you could have a surplus, which may not be a good sign if organizational goals have not been met. Using technology can help you stay organized throughout your analysis, as well as help you visualize financial data. Displaying the data visually will allow you to observe general trends in your department finances and to communicate about them effectively to stakeholders. For this assignment, you will use Excel to analyze and represent department data. The approach to learning and working with Excel software in this course is one you can apply to other technology tools in your life and career as well. Your goal for this assignment is to continue building your confidence in using a technology tool while conducting a department financial analysis. You will use Excel to organize quarterly and annual budgets, visualize this financial data using charts and graphs, and discuss the results of your financial analysis, including progress toward your department financial goal.

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