Hi there hope you are well. For my final essay topic I will be tackling on how o
Hi there hope you are well. For my final essay topic I will be tackling on how on the social media influences our way of thinking. More specifically I want you to focus on how thesocial media platform instagram used the hashtag #blacklivesmatter along with everybody posting the black out Tuesday square photo on their Instagram after the events of George Floyd . Some things to talk about: who was this social media movement targeting?, Did this social media movement makes things better or worse for African-Americans people, did it stop police brutality against African-Americans? Did it just start of as a movement and then later became a trend? Were the African-Americans doing this in order to stop and share the problems with police brutality? Moreover when the hashtag and the black out Tuesday were becoming a trend on instagram, did the rest of the people (non- African Americans people) post it because they care about these issues or just to show publicly that they are just doing it as a part of the trend on instagram. Final thoughts you can also include on how politics were affected by this; for instance how the u.s president Joe Biden made Juneteenth a federal holiday in order to emancipation of African-American slaves. It is also often observed for celebrating African-American culture. FORMAT OF THE PAPER: PLEASE PLEASE, USE IN TEXT CITATIONS THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE ESSAY PLUS ALL THE SOURCES MUST BE 8 SOURCES MINIMUM THE SOURCES HAVE TO BE PEER- REVIEWED SOURCES PLEASE THIS IS A MUST.AS NOT PEER REVIEWED ARE NOT ACCEPTED. FINAL NOTE PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT ALL 8 SOURCES ARE PEER-REVIEWED, INCLUDE IN-TEXT CITATIONS A BIBLIOGRAPHY (THE 8 SOURCES)ALL IN THE FORMAT OF MLA, PLEASE USE MLA FORMAT FOR EVERYTHING IN THE PAPAER AS IT IS NOT ALLOWED TO USE ANY OTHER FORMAT. THANK YOU SO MUCH AND STAY SAFE!

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