Hello expert, please read very carefully since this assignment is a huge assignm
Hello expert, please read very carefully since this assignment is a huge assignment and is worth 13% of my mark. I am expecting to get at least 85% or 90% on this assignment due to its worth. So please make it perfect. Please follow each step one by one to complete the assignment. What is this assignment? ---- To simplify, in this assignment you will basically be doing a post for social media. As in, you will be reading a book called "the kite runner", then picking one character of your choice in the novel. And then finding Historical Event in the book. Then finding Research Source(s) on that event you chose. Then finding a Present Day News Article relating to the historical event. PLEASE FOLLOW THE STEPS BELLOW AS A GUIDE. 1. Open and read the novel in PDF file called "The Kite Runner Book" 2. Open and carefully read over the file called "The Kite Runner Project" - which are the instructions to this assignment 3. Open and review the Word document file called "The Kite Runner Planning Template" 4. Open and review the PDF file called "Research Kite Runner" - Here it will show you fastest way to research - Please use "Google Advanced Search" to help you find the articles 5. Once you have went through all that and have founded your chosen Research Source as well as Present Day News Article, start filling in the "The Kite Runner Planning Template" 6. Once the template is ready, please follow the rest of the steps in the PDF slides called "The Kite Runner Project" as I have mentioned above as well. 7. Write a 500 word post AS your Kite Runner character in which you incorporate the ideas from your research and planning. 8. Include a few visuals. They should not be shots from the film. Create your own vision of the character. You can put the questions throughout the writing or can simply combine the answers into one longer monologue/piece (as the Humans of NY posts do). 9. At the end of the interview excerpt, add an appropriate hashtag, such as #FamilyProblems or #ImmigrantStruggle or #Survivor #TooMuchPride. FOR MORE DETAILED INFORMATION AND STEPS, PLEASE READ OVER THE FILE CALLED "The Kite Runner Project" PLEASE DO ALL THIS IN WORD DOCUMENT OR GOOGLE DOCS. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO TAKE A LOOK AT THE RUBRIC IN THE LAST SLIDE You DO NOT have to have exactly 5 citations, as long as you have 2 is enough the rest of the citation is optional not mandatory. YOU MAY ONLY USE THE CITATIONS FOR ARTICLES RESEARCH ONLY NOT FOR NOVEL INFORMATION. PLEASE NOTE: I will need at least 85% or 90% on this assignment for me to be satisfied. I am giving the assignment deadline for the last minute, so I may not have the extra time to review everything detail by detail. I will be reviewing quickly before I submit. I will leave it up to you and trust you with it, so please do it well. Thank you.

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