For your final portfolio: 1. Create a website in Google Sites (You created a sit
For your final portfolio: 1. Create a website in Google Sites (You created a site for the Wiki project, just create a new one for this) 2. Make three pages (the first will automatically be created as your home page, so make two more) 3. On the Home page: A. Create a Title B. Add at least one Image (feel free to be creative) C. write a welcome to my Porfolio introduction. D. Make it look nice, this is the entry way to your Site 4. Page 2 is an about me page A. Add at least five things (elements) that are interesting about you. a. each thing needs a description of why this is interesting, and how it fits in with your life b. each thing needs a link to an outside source (if you went hiking in Colorado, add a link to the Colorado visitors site, or to the resort you stayed at etc.) c. each thing needs a graphic that connects to the interesting thing about you d. one of these things needs to be an organization you belong to, or participate in. B. add your resume C. make it user friendly (use color, spacing, and fonts to help the reader enjoy the page) 5. the last page is your portfolio itself: A. add a link to your wiki page (make sure it is the shareable link) D. add the files for your SETT, UDL, and your original tools presentation PowerPoint. E. add the mp4 file for your video presentation of your tool (if the MP4 file is too large, try to use the smallest size option)

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