Famous Pan-Africanist Final Research Paper Guidelines 100 points You will write
Famous Pan-Africanist Final Research Paper Guidelines 100 points You will write a 6-8 page, double-spaced, 1” margins paper. The formatting will change when you copy and paste, but you must adhere to these requirements. Remember to edit for grammar, syntax, and spelling. In addition, you must cite your sources of information (ALL of Them). You are required to use at least 3 scholarly articles for this assignment. You should be using articles from class. This must occur within the essay followed with a Works Cited at the end (not included in page count). Use MLA or APA format. (10) You will find relevant names of Pan-Africanists within the readings. You can also do a search on google scholar or the library. Introduction (15) • Include a quote about or from the famous person. Explain the relevance of the quote • Provide an introduction that includes a definition of Pan-Africanism • Thesis: (example) “DuBois, had a significant role in the creation of pan-Africanism. II. Early life: (15) • Time period they lived in (birth and death dates) • Their education • Sociopolitical climate. • Significant events of the period that influenced their perspectives. How? Why? III. Their philosophies (25) • What were their beliefs and perspectives, and viewpoints? • Who influenced their perspectives? • What the catalyst to their career/journey? • What did they have to overcome to become who they were? IV. Significant accomplishments. (25) • What are some of the individual’s accomplishments? • Impact on the world or their community. • How did they influence change, social justice, or ideology? • Their allies and/or opponents. Compare them to another Black philosopher V. Conclusion (10) • Your perspective • Recap • Ending words

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