EXSUM Turn In Write an Executive Summary (EXSUM) on the assigned Non-Commission
EXSUM Turn In Write an Executive Summary (EXSUM) on the assigned Non-Commissioned Officer Common Core Competencies (NCOCCC) of Leadership while balancing it against, "The Leadership Imperative Case Study" throughout your EXSUM. Your task is to complete your weekly required lessons and readings, then analyze the assigned case study, and NCOCCC. Your EXSUM must possess critical thinking, reasoning, a shared focus and approach to both the historical case study, and the assigned NCOCCC. Your EXSUM must possess additional (In addition to the Case Study) scholastic research and references to support your findings. You must possess at least two citations/references (besides the assigned Case Study) that are scholastic in nature. The goal of the EXSUM is to provide you a tool to utilize throughout your career when breaking down and summarizing major events. The case studies will allow you to see how the actors represented and/or embodied these NCOCCCs 2. Accroding to HQDA Policy Notice 25-52, EXSUMs are supposed to be no more than 20 lines long, but they are also used with footnotes, not APA 7. Because we use APA 7 in MLC, your EXSUM can be up to 1 page. But this does not leave you with a lot of room to insert superfluous information. Only say what is necessary to make your point. 3. EXSUMs will merge APA 7 references and in-text citations with the standards outlined in HQDA Policy Notice 25-52. That means quotes need to have a page or paragraph number, anything you take from another source must be cited in your text and references are listed in the reference page in Alphabetical order. 4. USE THE ANACONDA CASE STUDY AS YOUR GUIDE!!! The general formatting should look exactly like the example case study that I provide you. 5. The difference between a good score and a great one comes down to how much analysis you conduct. If you just use TC 7-22.7 and the case study to copy and paste, you are going to get a score that reflects your lack of analysis. 6. Start with a descriiption and explanation of the NCO C3 you are using for the EXSUM. Make sure your descriiption and explanation target the areas that you intend to draw a connection to from the case study. If it has nothing to do with the case study, DON'T PUT IT IN THE EXSUM! 7. Your explain and describe are followed by a brief synopsis of the case study. Only extrapolate information that helps to make your case. I don't need a whole page about the case study and every detail in it, just what happened or failed to happen that supports your position and answer. 8. The summary/answer to the question is the most important part. This is where you rely on your own analysis to bridge the NCO C3 and the failure or success of the case study to produce a significant lesson learned. 9. Lastly, look over your paper before turning it in to make sure you have no formatting errors. This is the quickest way to lose points on the EXSUM and also the easiest way to make them. Your EXSUM should be formatted EXACTLY like the anaconda case study.

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