Design an original/novel research project on a topic that interests you the most
Design an original/novel research project on a topic that interests you the most in microbiology based on the concepts you have learned in class. Conduct a thorough literature review (most recent peer-reviewed research articles on PubMed etc.), develop a hypothesis-based research question, methodology. Also, discuss the expected results and potential challenges arising from your research methodology (risk analysis), and the significance of that research project for the field of microbial research and society. Format : Only a typed document in the form of MS Word or PDF will be accepted on URCourses. No hand-written projects. Grading: /100 Self-created diagrams, flow-charts etc. are worth more points. (feel free to change/add sub-titles) Title (short and succinct), and Introduction (10 points) Literature review (20) Hypothesis (5) Objectives (5) Methodology (15) Expected results (10) Potential challenges and mitigation strategies (15) Significance (10) Conclusions (5) References (5) Length: No more than 2,500 words (5 pages single spaced, or 10 pages double spaced) References: Appropriate referencing using a suitable journal style is expected. Direct copying of texts, figures etc is considered plagiarism which will be taken very seriously. Appropriate action will be taken for plagiarism which could potentially result in a failing grade. Texts taken from other sources should be rephrased and referenced appropriately. If the figure is taken from an article, indicate where it was adapted from with a reference for the source. Note: If the idea or a topic is not original; that is if taken from another article, research project, part of another assignment/course, website, blog etc., a grade of zero will be awarded!

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