Defend an argument for a marginalized group (e.g., African Americans.) to receiv
Defend an argument for a marginalized group (e.g., African Americans.) to receive reparations. Using Ta-Neisha Coates “A Case for Reparations” Essay Criteria: For this essay, you are expected to plan and write a response to one of the readings from this module using one of the prompts below. (Please note that Turnitin DOES NOT accept .pages or .gdoc file types. Use .doc or .pdf if possible.) Before you begin, you should view the Essay Rubric below. The goal of this class is to teach college-level writing conventions. Be certain your essay contains the following items: Introductory Paragraph Introduction – Your introduction should introduce your topic, as well as entice your audience. Thesis statement – This statement articulates the point you're asserting. It must be a complete sentence and appear at the end of the introduction. Body Paragraphs - Support Topic sentences – Each body paragraph must contain a topic sentence stating the paragraph's point. These body paragraphs are the meat of your paper. Your support must be robust and ripe with colorful and specific details. Be certain to use textual evidence from the reading to support your assertions. Concluding Paragraph Your conclusion is your last opportunity to provide the readers with your final commentary on your essay. You can end with a series of thought- provoking questions, a resolution, a call to action, prediction, etc. Be creative! Essay Resources: Purdue OWL offers an example of a MLA style essay: Sample MLA Paper YouTube: Basic Essay Structure

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