Choose a current issue upon which there is debate and that is specific, detailed
Choose a current issue upon which there is debate and that is specific, detailed, and multi-faceted. The topic you choose and the position you take should invite debate and differences of opinion. You will inform yourself about the debate through your own independent research, and then you will write an essay that builds an insightful argument on that topic. While this is a research paper, it is still a thesis-driven, argument essay. I want to read your thoughts about the issue(s), and I want you to convince me of your opinions. In writing the essay, you will not merely report facts on your topic; instead, it should show that you can use facts and critical thinking to persuasively support your position on the issue. This means that you will respond to others' ideas and create your own insight as well as respond to others' ideas . Ideally, you will problematize or challenge established views of the topic you have chosen. It may help for you to write your own prompt in order to keep your essay focused and argumentative. If you do this, please make sure that it is open-ended and invites ideas, not just facts. Choose any topic that you can form an argument for and make sure you use 6 sources (2 scholarly) and cite them properly according to MLA standards.

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