Children’s Literature Dr. Hollowell Final Project: Realistic Fiction , Fantasy B
Children’s Literature Dr. Hollowell Final Project: Realistic Fiction , Fantasy Book , Biographical, Autobiographical Books, Science Fiction Books (You must select a chapter book.) 1. Choose one book which has been published since 2000. Choose from these types of chapter books: realistic, historical, fantasy, biographical, autobiographical, or a science fiction—each written for children. Choose one book. 2. The chapter book must have received an award and you must indicate the type and the year the award was presented in the bibliographical section of your paper (MLA style). This book is for 6-12th grade students. You may choose from the following list of medals/honors/prizes: Notable Children’s Books Boston Globe-Horn Book Awards Carter G. Woodson Award Coretta Scott King Award Yalsa Award for Nonfiction) Newbery Award You may choose a book with other academic awards that may be new to children’s literature. 3. Using the guide below, write a thorough book review. Discuss and label the five topics below in well-developed paragraphs. Try to keep the parts balanced in your presentation and make critical connections to one or more works ( a variety of works)you have read in this course in particular, along with a variety of other literary exposures. Please do not use the work more than once. Deductions will be taken. Be certain to include the author(s) and the type(s) of works, along with the numbers and sub-sections. IMPORTANT: ( Five -5 pts) Begin with a bibliographic listing of the work itself (MLA style)—just like Project 1. Include the name of the award and the year the selected book received the award. Then place the appropriate letter and label for each sub-heading and begin your critical book review. Do not use Caldecott Awards. Label and underline each sub-division. A. (30pts) Synopsis of the work, including a discussion of the theme(s) , the main conflict (the central struggles, complications, and rising/falling action),and the importance to the work for the child. Briefly discuss two additional children’s stories with similar themes/values, and/or conflicts in this section that you have read. B.(20pts) An analysis of the main character or the primary characters, if there is no central character. Examine the character—traits, temperament, beliefs, and morals. Compare this character to at least one other character in a different work studied in the textbook? C. (15pts) A description of the setting: Where does the story take place? What time period? Include any information about “the climate and even the social, psychological, or spiritual state of the participants” that affect the mood or atmosphere of the work. What is the effect or impact on the child? Be certain to include a discussion of at least one additional story. Make connections. D. (30pts)Reading Level and Lesson Plan. Briefly explain the "age" appropriateness of the book ( Reference the handout in Supplemental Resources.) Include a lesson plan-a step-by-step guide that outlines the objectives and expected accomplishments. INCLUDE: the Title of the lesson and grade level, Materials required, List of Objectives, Instructional component, Independent practice, and an Evaluation component to test the students’ mastery of the instructed skills or concepts. 4. Have a cover sheet with a title, use 12pt. font, and double-space your work. Thoroughly respond to and label each of the items listed above and write well-developed paragraphs for this project. The paper can written in four to five pages, but it must not exceed seven(7) pages in length. SUBMIT THIS PROJECT through SAFE-ASSIGN in ASSIGNMENTS.

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