Because the process that the EBP Committee used was effective in creating a poli
Because the process that the EBP Committee used was effective in creating a policy that reduced medication errors, several members submitted an abstract to a professional conference. You have just received notification that the abstract was accepted as a poster presentation. Review the attached sample acceptance letter and presentation of posters at this conference (if you were attending in person). Read this week's assigned article to learn how to lay out a poster presentation. While being certain to follow these guidelines, use the ideas in chapter 19 (Table 19-1 and Figure 19-2 on pages 496-497) to create a poster (infographic) that effectively disseminates your information. Use Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint or another program of your choice to create your poster. Microsoft Office provides poster templates for a clean format. This is your poster, so feel free to be creative, including using other outside references (in addition to those provided in this course) to support this topic for The Hospital. Please save your poster as one of the following file types: .pdf, .doc, .docx, .ppt, or .pptx. Click the assignment link to compare your work to the rubric before submitting it. Click the same link to submit your assignment. Your poster presentation is to discuss your plan for reducing medication errors. Your presentation should include your complete and specific plan for implementing your plan. be sure to iinclude research that supports your plan.  I hope this helps. Due: Saturday at 11:59 p.m., CT Points Possible: 150

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