Assignment Prompt<For this assignment, you will be writing an argumentative
Assignment Prompt<
For this assignment, you will be writing an argumentative essay–a piece of writing that requires you to take a position, what rhetoricians call a claim, on a debatable topic (that is, a topic with more than one side). Specifically, you will present a policy claim where you argue for or against a change of some kind. This claim should be supported by reliable, credible evidence (i.e. scholarly sources) backed by research. In addition to presenting your claim, you will also need to acknowledge the other side, which is called the counterargument. For this assignment, you may choose your own topic or select one from the list below.<
Assignment-Specific Requirements:<
Length: This assignment should be at least 750 words. <
Thesis: Underline your thesis statement or the main claim of your letter.<
Supporting Points: plan to develop at least three strong supporting points to accompany your thesis and at least one counter. Each supporting point should equate to at least one body paragraph. <
Sources Needed: The essay should integrate at least four reliable and credible sources, to help prove the argument for or against a policy change. Be sure to use MLA guidelines for all in-text and Works Cited citations. <
Additional Resources:<
Suggested Topics:<
Physician-assisted suicide should/should not be legalized<
The drinking age should/should not be lowered to 18<
Colleges should/should not use proctoring for exams<
Weedkiller should/should not be illegal<
Self-driving cars should/should not be legal<
College athletes should/should not be paid as employees<
The U.S. should/should not switch to a single-payer healthcare system<
Drug possession should/should not be decriminalized <
The minimum wage should/should not be increased across the U.S.

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