1.Pick one or more of the following topics: risk preferences (prospect theory) o
1.Pick one or more of the following topics: risk preferences (prospect theory) or heuristics and biases / behavioral finance. 2.Think of a historical event that can be understood through the lens of the topic you chose in (1). 3.What behavioral policy recommendations would you give in this context? The format of the essay is the following. In the first paragraph briefly state the historical event of your choice and the behavioral topic you will use to analyze this event. Then, you need to explain in detail the historical event, giving enough historical, economic, and/or socio-political context. Please cite properly any documents you use to perform this research, using the format of your choice. Once you have given a full context and presentation of the historical event, please explain how we could revisit it through the lens of the behavioral topic you choose. You have to be thorough in this part. That is, explain clearly what are the behavioral tools we have to understand the event and how to shift our perspective about this event using these tools. Make sure you highlight the new lessons we can learn by doing this exercise. Finally, please think of possible policy recommendations based on the behavioral understanding of this event. That is, if you suggest that certain events were due to specific behavioral anomalies, explain what actions governments / policy makers / society can take to make better decisions and to get better outcomes, given these behavioral anomalies This needs to be a serious work, well documented (researched), you need to show mastery of the topics, and the policy recommendations need to be well thought of. You can use existing documents, research papers, etc, to introduce and document the historical event of your choice, but remember to cite your sources properly because we will be using software that checks for plagiarism. We want to see original work.

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